The conference center is in the Hotel St. Elisabeth, in Allensbach-Hegne near Konstanz. The attractive setting of the hotel offers nearly all hotel rooms and many conference rooms a beautiful view over Lake Constance and the Reichenau peninsula. On clear days, one can even see the Alps. The hotel is in a quiet area, just a few minutes’ walk from the shore of the lake. Hegne is accessible by public transport from Konstanz, and lies on the train line from Konstanz to Engen (Seehas).

Travel to Hotel St. Elisabeth

The destination address is: Hotel St. Elisabeth, Konradistr. 1, 78476 Allensbach-Hegne, GERMANY

By car:

From Stuttgart (180 km)
Autobahn A 81 (motorway) towards Singen. From exit “Kreuz Hegau” onwards, please drive direction Konstanz (B33). After some kilometres, turn left to Hegne. You arrive directly at Hotel St. Elisabeth.

From Munich (220 km)
Autobahn A 96 (motorway) towards Lindau. In Lindau, take B 31 towards Meersburg. From Meersburg, take the vehicle ferry to Konstanz. Once in Konstanz, follow the signs for “Singen“. Short after Konstanz, you see the sign for Hegne. Turn right and in this street you will find Hotel St. Elisabeth.

From Zurich (75 km)
Autobahn A7 (motorway) towards Kreuzlingen/Konstanz. After crossing the border into Germany, follow the signs for “Singen”. Short after Konstanz, you see the sign for Hegne. Turn right and on this street you will find Hotel St. Elisabeth.

By train:

There is no Uber in Germany and Taxis would be VERY expensive. We strongly recommend taking the train.

By train from the airport in Zurich:

There is an easy direct train connection from the Zurich Airport to Konstanz (leaving every 0:46 on track 2 to Konstanz; ~70 min. travel time).

The other train that leaves at 0:18 also goes via Weinfelden, but you need to change trains there. If you don’t have mountains of luggage it should not be a problem.

Tickets costs about €30 and you can buy them from a machine at the train station in the basement of the airport (just follow the train signs from the baggage area). The ticket machines should have an English option.

By train from Konstanz:

There are typically two trains every hour from the Konstanz train station (Bahnhof) to Hegne (Look for trains to Allensbach or Singen – but make sure that the train stops in Hegne).

Hegne is the stop for the Hotel St. Elisabeth.

From the Hegne train stop, it is a 5 min walk across the road construction site, there is a pedestrian tunnel under the B33 highway, and from there about 300m to the Hotel.